Hungary Tourism and Travel Guide

The hungry is a landlocked country that lies in the central Europe and is surrounded by the countries of the Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Australia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Slovakia. With the history that stretches far back in the time the country has a rich distinct culture and heritage making it as more attractive destination for the tourists from across the entire world. Hungary has also ties with Ottomans during the history. Nowadays there are many nice connections via Istanbul so you can combine your holiday with a short extension of Ephesus Tours from Istanbul .
Its natural wonders also added more advantage to make it as the best tourist’s hotspot and it boasts of the largest thermal water cave system in the world and second largest thermal lake in the world called the Lake Heviz. The country also has the largest natural grasslands in the Europe which is known as Hortobagy national park and the Lake Balaton is a largest lake which is on the central of the Europe.

Famous things about Hungary

All in all the Hungary has 10 national parks, 145 minor nature reserves, 22 designated wine regions and 35 landscapes protection areas in which the somlo is being one of them. However the Hungary is mostly distinguished by its architectural treasures from the Roman ruins to the baroque churches, the art noveau bathhouses and from the medieval town house to the neoclassical buildings where its beautiful cities have their own charm. Being its capital the Szeged, Kecskemet or Budapest, Sopron or Debrecen every places hold their own gems of the architectural heritage. If you are planning to spend your vacation time then you should not miss to travel this quaint country are its hot water baths in which the bathhouses found to be one of the authentic one for dating from the times of the Turkish. The art nouveau place is the one of its clinical sanatoriums this will be providing you the rejuvenating experience that should not be missed. The Hungary enjoys its continental climate with the warm summers and the mildly cold snowy winters with an annual average temperature of 9.7oC even though the country has the low humidity levels but still the country witnesses the frequent showers.

Lake Balaton a popular Lake in Hungary

The Lake Balaton region is the most of the most popular destination in Hungary where you can trek in the beautiful national park and when you go for the hike in the mountains and hills you can get tan outstanding panorama view. If you like to get relax to your soul and body then you can go to any of the spa hotels for getting the numerous wellnesses where here you can leisurely have relaxation and rejuvenation or sail across the calm waters of the lake or even you can take a cruise tranquil. Your children can also splash in the silky water, shallow or take part in the more active recreational activities and also they will be enjoying to the at most level.

Afternoon Wine tasting cruise

If you are travelling to the Hungary then you should not miss out an experience of tasting the different flavors of the wines and the Budapest will be a best sightseeing place for you where you can see many good places and this makes your mind and soul relax. The Wine tasting cruise starts at 2pm and the features sampling from the 7 famed Hungarian wines which includes the world prominent Tokaji relax. Being here you can get pleasure from the light breeze with the wines palette on open air balcony of the boat and they also offer the Hungarian scones to highlight the flavors of the different wine vinos.

About the Hortobagy Pusta famous national park

The Hortobagy Pusta is the Hungary’s first national park that becomes a part of the world heritage and it is the example of harmonic symbiosis of nature and man. The Hortobagy is the place which has huge collection of areas that is located in the middle of the Europe and it is the most important tourist hotspot with the unbroken unique flora, fauna, horizon, growing animal stock, rich cultural traditions and the strengthening herdsmen community. The traditional events are still visited by the tens of thousands people and visitors are arriving to the puzta are awaited by the programmes of the high standard in which the place will offer them a good opportunities for spending their time in this precious greenly place.